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Summer Associate Training with The New York Law Institute: Transactional Law Resources

Research guide and tips for summer associates. Built thanks to the help of community guides: Seton Hall's Transactional Law Research LibGuide and Summer Legal Research Tips - Illinois College of Law Library.

Reading for the Transactional Lawyer

A few articles to help you figure out what a Transactional Lawyer needs to know.

Practical Law Company: Summer Associate Guide

Select the "Filings Tab" to start your research on

Bloomberg Law Transactional Resources

STEP 1: Select Browse All Content and then "Corporate & Transactional" 
STEP 2: Select "Practical Guidance" 
STEP 3: Alternatively, you can select "Transactional Resources" under the "Law School Success" box.
For assistance contact:

Lexis Practice Advisor

STEP 1:  Log into Lexis Advance, click down arrow next to Lexis Advance Research tab in the upper left-hand corner.  Select Lexis Practice Advisor. 
STEP 2: Browse by Practice Area or search all content
 For assistance contact:

Westlaw - Practical Law

Select "Practical Law" at the top of the right side column in the All Content Tab.


For assistance contact:

  • Erica Hines
  • 1-800-REF-ATTY (733-2889)