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Government Documents Guide

Federal Legislation

United States Congress legislative information including bills and enacted laws can be found at

The United States Code is a consolidation and codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States. It is prepared by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the United States House of Representatives.

Public and private laws are also known as slip laws. A slip law is an official publication of the law and is competent evidence admissible in all state and Federal courts and tribunals of the United States. Public laws affect society as a whole, while private laws affect an individual, family, or small group.

The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session.

ProQuest Congressional  is not part of the Depository Program and you must be a NYLI member to access it. ProQuest Congressional provides access to a searchable and constantly expanding collection of materials produced by and for the U.S. Congress, such as:

  • Public Laws
  • Senate/House Bills
  • Committee Reports
  • Committee Hearings
  • Congressional Record (daily and annual)
  • Congressional Research Service Reports
  • ProQuest/CIS Legislative Histories


LLMC-Digital is an extensive archive of historical primary and specialized legal materials. LLMC-Digital is not part of the Depository Program and you must be a NYLI member to access it.